To Work Or Not To Work

Okay, today I’m going to talk about when or if I even work on the weekends. The answer is sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It’s all according to what’s going on, how I feel and what time of the year it is.

If my kids are wanting to spend time with me I don’t work, or I try not to anyway. At those times the most I will do is post on social media. But since I’m with them all the time I don’t have to take time off to spend with them so it’s according to the other two items.

Now the time of year and how I feel go hand in hand because during spring I get sick a lot due to the pollen. Luckily though it does rain a good bit here so I’m not sick all the time.

The type of work I mainly do is posting to my blog. My marketing I pay for through Universal Team Build because right now I don’t have a computer I can use all the time so having a way to pay for it is nice and it’s a good price.

Definitely check it out.

Thanks and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “To Work Or Not To Work

  1. Mary, I don’t have children and Still have the ‘to work or not to work’ decision to make. As someone who can work 18 hours a day, I try to create balance and choose when to do something social. When you love what you do, it never feels like work any way, right? so when a friend says, let’s go to dinner, I hesitate, wanting to stay in my work/play cocoon, but realize there are times that changing scenery will actually help with new revitalized energy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I try to take Sundays off, or most of that day, but I am usually working on Saturday. But I am glad to work from home, so it’s my choice.

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