The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to let you know that I have joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

The challenge is to blog everyday for 30 days and believe me that is the ultimate challenge especially when you run out of ideas or you just don’t want to do videos even though that would be easier lol.

Also videos are hard in my household because it gets really loud here.

So why am I telling you about it?

I’m telling you about it because I need to hold myself accountable for this and posting it on here does that because everyone will see it and if I don’t blog one day they can say

Hey you didn’t blog today, what’s up with that?

So if you notice I haven’t blogged just comment on one of my posts or message me on my contact page and remind me because that would be super helpful.

Any way wish me luck for this month because I’m already a day late getting this one up.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. I, too, took the challenge and request accountability. So far I’ve managed to blog every day but find myself running out of idea. Maybe I just lead a dull life

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