The Resources I Use

Today I’m going to talk about the resources I use for my online business.

1. Autoresponder

The autoresponder I use is Trafficwave. I use this one because for $17.95/month you get unlimited campaigns and subscribers and you can’t beat that or get it anywhere else, plus it’s easy to use and the owner shows you how to use it.

2. Universal Team Build

This team build site helps you get affiliates into it and Trafficwave. You get 3 different upgrades to choose from or you can use it for free. The upgrades are $5, $8 and $10 per month. With these upgrades the owner will promote your affiliate page for you. Another highly recommended one.

3. Leadsleap

You get several things with this but I don’t use all of it. I mainly use the tracker that comes with the membership. Another highly recommended one.

4. Domains

I got my domain from Namecheap. I really like them because it is pretty cheap and they’re a good company. This domain costs me $8.88/year.

5. Hosting

I get my hosting from GVO. It’s an extremely good company with great customer service and a great price too. I haven’t had any problems with them in the years that I’ve been with them so I highly recommend you try them. I get my hosting for $7.16/month.

Well that’s my resource list. Go ahead and check them out. I love all of them and can’t recommend them enough.

Have a great day.


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