My Brother Died

I’m late posting this but I just didn’t want to until now.

My brother died on November 9th 2019. He was only 51.

It came as a shock when I got the news because I didn’t know he was that bad off. I knew he had been dealing with a lot of stress but like I said I didn’t know it was that bad.

I had just talked to him the week before about me moving to Clark Hill lake in Lincolnton, GA and he said he wanted to move too.

I actually got excited about being able to hopefully get to see him and my niece and nephews considering they didn’t know me.

But now that will never happen because my sister in law doesn’t like me.

I don’t know what I expected though because when my mom was alive the only way she got to see her grandchildren was if they needed a babysitter which of course pissed me off.

What could I do though? His wife was dead set on the fact that we weren’t going to be a part of their lives and that’s what happened.

Even though we weren’t treated like we were a part of their family he was still my brother and it hurt when he died and I’m thankful that she thought enough of me to call and let me know.

But I can’t help but think she only did so because she knew that I was all that was left of his family. Our dad died in 1992 and our mom in 2007.

We talked for a few days after his funeral and it seemed like she was putting everything behind her but then she started ignoring me for some unknown reason and now we’re estranged again so I will never get to know them and apparently that’s the way they wanted it because we were never invited to any of their kid’s birthday parties.

She did tell me that they worked on him for an hour or so and I’m guessing she realized she had made a mistake telling me that even though I didn’t say anything. Needless to say it made me angry when she said that.

Although we’re never invited to anything that our extended family does either.

They don’t like me.

My own family doesn’t seem to like me lol.

That’s okay though, my husband, kids and mother in law loves me and wants me around and that’s enough for me.

So even though no one seems to want me around I’m still happy and thriving so I can’t complain.

Thank you for reading this and have a great day.

By Mary Owens

Wife, mother, internet marketer.

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