Wrapping Up The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well today is the last day of the challenge and because of technical difficulties with my hosting provider I wasn’t able to finish.

The difficulty was the provider got hacked and I wasn’t able to get into my account to do anything and my site wouldn’t load. And in true cheap hosting fashion they sent out an email blaming their customers.

That was the last straw for me so I switched to a different hosting provider that I haven’t had problems with. Although it’s not expensive they are still very good and have great customer service.

I also lost everything I had accomplished on my blog because of the hacking. They could only back up from December 30th so everything that I had done was lost because after that I had switched to a new domain.

They also said that using a service other than them to backup would be cause for your account being suspended. Sounded fishy but I thought okay fine.

I now know if you see posts saying a company is a scam look into it because it might be true.

Now as for my previous provider, this is the second time in like 2 months that they were hacked. I can’t do my job when they are getting hacked every 2 months and because of that it’s like a week or two that I can’t access my site. It’s not worth the hassle to me.

So in hindsight I will not be moving away from my this hosting provider again.

Is there anything you’ve accomplished recently? Let me know in the comments!


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Thanks and have a great day.


12 thoughts on “Wrapping Up The Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. My site has been hacked (read “attacked”) more than a few times. Which is why it IS backed up and I rely on additional systems (sorry, not for public consumption) to keep those folks at bay. Unless and until our governments go after these trolls, we can expect more of such annoyances.

  2. So sorry that happened! I agree about checking to see if there have been scam complaints. Hopefully, we’ll see you at the next challenge.

  3. That is horrible. Sorry you had so many problems. Like Roy said back up is essential. Not only backing up on your hosting companies servers, also on your pc and maybe off site. I just started blogging full time this year and I would be dead if I had to start all over 😦 Glad you moved when you did. Best of luck going forward.

  4. WOW, all your hard work! So sorry this happened but hopefully your new site will be much better. I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope to see you back in April!

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