Pictures Of My Family

Today I’m sharing my personal photos because that’s just more fun than business photos so I hope you enjoy them.

This is an old windmill my husband found and was by far my favorite thing in our yard and I’m glad now that I got this picture because he got rid of it. I am very sad about it still. It was so beautiful.
This is just a picture of my son ready for prom. I’m embarrassed that I can’t remember when he graduated though.
This is a picture I took at my husband’s favorite restaurant we went to when he was released from jail after 3 months. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him eat as much as he did that day. Oh and that’s my daughter with me in the picture.
I think this is a recent picture but it’s of my husband and our daughter. He’s tickling her.
This is a picture of our dog Hannah. She’s a cross between a husky and German shepherd. We got her from my brother when taking care of her was too hard for him. She was extremely overweight when we got her because they kept her in a crate too much.

Okay well that’s my post for today and I hope you liked it. If you did comment below and let me know.

Thanks and have a great day.


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