Overcoming My Fear Of Being Alone

On May 10, 2017 my life drastically changed. That was the day my husband was arrested for burglary and I was left alone to take care of our kids and just basically do things on my own.

I know it sounds weird coming from a grown woman but I was scared and went into shock for the first 2 weeks, because believe it or not that was my first time EVER living by myself.

It was also my first time having to do things by myself because before that my parents helped me out but now and when my husband went to jail both of my parents were dead and I’m not on speaking terms with any of my family.

So I was essentially alone.

Wait, let me back up, at that time I was still speaking to my cousin so she helped me out when my husband was arrested until our truck was found, but now if my husband was to die or go back to jail I wouldn’t have anyone to help me.

That was the scariest couple of weeks in my entire life until I did everything on my own and realized that I can take care of myself.

So getting thrown into the deep end is a good way to learn how to swim, so to speak.

So to anyone out there who has never had to do anything alone and you’re scared when that day comes, don’t sell yourself short because if I can do it anyone can, just believe in yourself and it will work out.


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