My 5-10 Year Plan

I was supposed to do this during the Ultimate Blog Challenge but at that time, believe it or not, I didn’t have a 5 year plan. I was so lost at that time, going through so many things in my personal life but I have hopefully put that behind me and will now move on to bettering my life and my kid’s lives.

So now lets get to my 5-10 year plan.

I hope to, in the next 5-10 years, to be making at least $500 to $1000 a month or more. I just want to be able to live a comfortable life with my kids and not have to tell them no about everything. They haven’t had a birthday party or gotten gifts in the last 5 or so years. That makes me so sad and angry at the same time at myself for letting this happen.

I want to be able to take my daughter on a private tour of Big Cat Rescue for her birthday. The only problem is that her birthday is May 29th and that’s not far off. All she talks about is volunteering there so she can help these poor cats because some idiot thought it was a good idea to have one as a pet. I and she hopes that it will someday be banned to have exotic pets. A private tour with just me and her is $200 I think. I hope I get to that point before her birthday.

Now for my son, he wants makeup, that’s all he talks about so for his birthday I would like to take him to a Morphe store and just let him go wild and buy whatever he wants. I just hope he sticks with Jeffree Star because his products I know for sure are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. His birthday is July 3rd and I know for sure that makeup isn’t cheap but this is what I want.

Now for me, I just want a house off by myself where it’s quiet and there’s no neighbors. Is that too much to ask for? Probably but I’m asking anyway. Our one neighbor we have has 3 dogs he leaves tied up outside all the time so they bark and howl a lot. He also plays his music really loudly and I’m thinking “not everyone likes your kind of music dude, turn it down! Also do something with your dogs!”

If I can’t do it this year I will definitely be working towards that goal in the next five years.

So those are my goals over the next 5-10 years. Tell me yours in the comments.

Thanks and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “My 5-10 Year Plan

  1. They say writing down your goals is the first step in the right direction So good for you to write it down. I just quit my 9-5 job to work on my blog and I would love to be making 500-1000 a month by the end of the year with it! I will reevaluate at the end of the year and see where I am at. Ok, now I wrote mine down too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. I, too, would like that money goal of $500/month or more by the end of the year. If not, it can roll over to the next one. I think it’s great to make goals and write them down.

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