How I Got Started In Online Marketing

How I Got Started In Online Marketing

I was a stay at home mom, I was bored and I felt like I needed to contribute more to the household earnings because we were considered below the poverty line and I thought there has to be away for me to make money using our computer.

This was back in 2005 I think and all this online stuff was new and not much could be found so I started with this small surfing website where I would take my affiliate link and share it on another small surfing surf website and make money from showing that.

It was a small community not like it is now so it was hard to make money because neither site had that many people signed up.

I quickly got bored with it so I stopped doing it a few times but I always kept going back because I just felt like I needed to contribute financially.

It also didn’t help that I was in a bad marriage and still am because of self esteem issues that caused me to keep quitting what I’m doing which is why I’m still not successful. That’s another story though.

So the last time I went back was in 2009 I think and the online marketing niche had grown significantly. There was so much more to choose from! There were hundreds of surfing websites, blogs and communities to teach you how to use them all.

And that brings me to the present where I have found my calling and no matter how many times I try to quit I will always go back.



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