A Picture That Inspires Me

This picture inspires me because for me the weekend is everyday.

That is because I work from home and anyone who does that knows this to be true.

We don’t have a set schedule so we can sleep when we want. We can basically do whatever we want.

That’s a great feeling that I will never give up and if you want to work from home and have everyday feel like the weekend like I do then check out my banners below and get started on your everyday weekend too!

Thanks and have a great day.


4 thoughts on “A Picture That Inspires Me

  1. I work from home on occasion- and while I can move about at will- I can do the same in the office. (Oh, and that applies to my employees as well. They have weekly objectives- which can be met at their discretion. Oh, wait- no. They must accomplish their objectives. How they accomplish them is at their discretion 🙂 )

  2. I work from home and school from home, too. So I see what you mean about having weekend moments every day. But we don’t do homeschooling on the weekends, and we get up later, so we still experience one.

  3. Since we closed our 53 year old business, that’s how my days feel. I do keep a schedule but tend to work in my sleepy pants and sweatshirt but I make sure I have “real” clothes near by when someone rings the doorbell. LOL

  4. I work from home and do work from time-to-time on weekends. I have to say I’ve really been clocking in the weekend hours this month because I’ve added marketing and blogging to my daily schedule. And that’s okay because it’s my goal for 2019 to push myself into a new level of my business.

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